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Dwyane Wade Shoes Pictures: Converse Wade 2.0, Picture 6

This page features pictures of the Converse new signature shoes Dwyane Wade wears in the 2006-2007 NBA Basketball Season.

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Converse Wade 2.0 2006 Pictures

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This website features information about the NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, including his bio, stats, pics, highlights, sneakers and other data.

Here you have pics of the new Converse Wade 2.0, the basketball shoes Dwyane Wade wears in the second part of the 2006-07 NBA season.

Dwyane Wade Basketball Shoes: Converse Wade 2.0 - 2007 Signature Sneakers

Dwyane Wade Shoes: Converse Wade 2006 2.0 Basketball

Basketball Shoes: Converse Wade 2.0 (the picture is from the All-Star Edition)

Comments: Wade' shoes for the second half of the 2006-07 NBA Season.

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